Puppy Levels Program

Puppy Training with our Puppy Levels Program

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puppy levels trainingWe designed this program to eliminate the hassle of start dates and make-up sessions for missed classes.  You can enroll at any time and if you need to go on vacation you can pick up right where you left off when you return.  Our flexible scheduling allows you to pick and choose what sessions to attend, or you can attend them all.  Each level is broken down into specific skill sets that become more difficult as you move up.  We find this allows the human-puppy team to grasp a full understanding of each skill before increasing the criteria.  Some of the things included in our levels program are:

  • Orientation video to explain how puppies learn and prepare you for entering the class environment (required prior to attending class)
  • Special client access on our website so you can access all your homework training videos, handouts, and calendar to keep you on track!
  • In class feedback and guidance while working on skills and social interactions
  • Positive social interactions for your puppy with other puppies and people- when it comes to social interactions we build confidence by focusing on individual needs
  • Preventative and modification training plans for common behavior struggles such as jumping up, barking and chewing

For more information on our Puppy Training with Levels Program check out the links below:

1 month/unlimited sessions for $140 ($35/week)

2 month/unlimited sessions for $280 ($35/week)

4 month/unlimited sessions for $480 ($30/week)

6 month/unlimited sessions for $600 ($25/week)

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For an in-home Puppy Starter Lesson please see our Private Lesson page.