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Melanie Ewing



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Melanie has been passionate about dog behavior and training for as long as she can remember, and she is so excited to finally turn that passion into a career.

Melanie has lived with dogs adopted at various life stages for her entire life. Outside of childhood family dogs, she has two Tollers that she adopted as puppies, Aero (7 years old) and Breeze (7 months old). The dramatic difference in training requirements between Aero and Breeze reinvigorated Melanie’s excitement to learn new techniques and address their contrasting needs.

Melanie is enthusiastic about learning all she can about positive reinforcement, clicker training, and animal behavior. She is currently enrolled in several online courses and will continue to attend workshops, webinars, and classes with her dogs to further enhance her skills as a trainer.

Recent & Current Education

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Courses:

  • Teenage Tyrants: Surviving Your Dog’s Adolescence – Sarah Stremming

Karen Pryor Academy Courses:

  • Dog Training Foundations (current)
  • Dog Training Professional (upcoming)

School of Canine Science:

  • Puppy Lab (current)

Conferences, Camps, & Seminars:

  • Empowered Dog Summer Summit 2021