Parkour Dog

What is dog parkour?

Parkour, sometimes called urban agility, is an individual sport that focuses on one’s journey to mental and physical strength and has been redesigned for the human and dog team. Dog Parkour concentrates on developing teamwork between a dog and its human as they learn to challenge themselves through navigating the environment in new exciting ways.

Although it is a non-competitive sport, titles are still available and can be earned via video submission through the International Dog Parkour Association and All Dogs Parkour. This sport promotes mental and physical health by regulating training methods and restricting activities to the individual dog’s size. These limitations make Dog Parkour an excellent activity for any age or mobility.

Who is it for?

Anyone! Because it is a sport that focuses on the mental and physical growth of each dog and human team, anyone can participate. However, puppies under 18 months of age, seniors, or dogs with physical limitations, will be restricted from certain activities to prevent injury and promote proper physical development.

See our course options below:

Parkour Basics

This 4-week group class at our facility focuses on safety and basic skills. This class is required to attend our drop-in sessions. Learn everything you need to know to earn your first title, or just come to have fun with your dog!




Parkour Drop-ins

These sessions take place in different outdoor environments around town. Enjoy a new way to explore familiar environments with your dog while receiving expert coaching and making new friends.