Parkour Dog!

Parkour, an individual sport which focuses on one’s journey to mental and physical strength, has been redesigned for the human and dog team.  Dog Parkour concentrates on the developing teamwork between a dog and its human as they learn to challenge themselves through navigating the environment in new exciting ways.

Although it is a non-competitive sport, titles are still available and can be earned via video submission through the International Dog Parkour Association and All Dogs Parkour.  This sport promotes mental and physical health by regulating training methods and restricting activities by the size of the individual dog.  These limitations make Dog Parkour an excellent activity for any age or mobility.

Parkour Dog! is broken into 2 group classes each with sessions taking place at our facility and local parks.  Advanced teams get access to bi-weekly drop-in sessions at local parks.

Parkour Dog! 1

This 5-week course provides you and your dog with all the necessary foundation skills needed to earn your IDPA Training and Novice Titles, as well as your ADP Levels 1-3 qualifiers.  Weeks 1, 2 and 4 take place at the facility while weeks 3 and 5 take place outdoors in local parks.  This course covers safety and handling regulations to prevent injury.

Skills taught: 2-paws up, 4-paws up, under, over, balance, navigating moving obstacles, in, through, fly, and back-up

Cost: $150

Additional fee of $20 for title video submission filming (optional)

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Parkour Dog! 2

This 5-week course takes your journey further by covering advanced skills needed to earn championship titles with both IDPA and ADP.  Weeks 1, 2 and 4 take place at the facility while weeks 3 and 5 take place outdoors in local parks.

Skills taught: back-up between objects, back-up onto objects with rear feet only & full body, pivot on discs, spin in both directions and do figure 8’s around 2 objects

Cost: $150

An additional fee of $20 for title video submission filming (optional)


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Parkour Dog! 3

This class is a drop-in class for advanced Parkour Dog and Puppy Level 5 clients only.  If you have not taken our Parkour Dog 1 or 2 classes or our Puppy Levels Program level 5 you cannot attend these sessions.

These sessions will alternate between Thursday’s at 6 pm and Sunday’s at 4 pm, you may register for multiple sessions at a time.  Locations will be outdoor and vary for each session.

Cost: $20/ session

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