Parkour Dog Program

What is dog parkour?

Parkour, sometimes referred to as urban agility, is an individual sport that focuses on one’s journey to mental and physical strength and has been redesigned for the human and dog team.  Dog Parkour concentrates on developing teamwork between a dog and its human as they learn to challenge themselves through navigating the environment in new exciting ways.

Although it is a non-competitive sport, titles are still available and can be earned via video submission through the International Dog Parkour Association and All Dogs Parkour.  This sport promotes mental and physical health by regulating training methods and restricting activities by the size of the individual dog.  These limitations make Dog Parkour an excellent activity for any age or mobility.

Our Parkour Dog Program is broken down into 3 levels so that each team can progress at their own pace.  Each level covers a specific skill set.  Our weekly sessions are at an outdoor location so that we can provide feedback to each team in the environment where you will be parkouring the most.

Who is it for?

Anyone!  Because it is a sport that focuses on the mental and physical growth of each dog and human team anyone can participate.  Puppies under 18 months of age and senior dogs, or dogs with physical limitations, will be restricted on certain activities in order to prevent injury and promote proper physical development.

When can we start?

This is an open enrollment program with a monthly subscription.  Your first month is $175 and includes access to your online learning material, unlimited attendance, and access to our private Facebook group. Every month after is $125 and includes unlimited sessions, and continued access to our private Facebook group.

What is included?

  • Online access to all of our supplemental learning materials- written homework plans, how-to videos, and more!
  • In-class feedback and guidance while working on skills
  • Improved leash skills
  • A focused dog in any environment
  • Build a strong stay or wait cue
  • Learn to communicate clearly with your dog to improve your relationship
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Assistance with filming title submission videos

When are classes?

Currently, our classes run on Saturdays at 12 noon and rotate outdoor locations weekly.  Occasional weeknight bonus sessions may be available from time to time.

What skills will we learn?

We break our skills into 3 different levels, your initial online course material covers Level 1 and this is what you will focus on each week in class.  Once your instructor feels you and your dog are ready for a new challenge they will introduce level 2 skills.

Parkour Dog Level 1 provides you and your dog with all the necessary foundation skills needed to earn your IDPA Training and Novice Titles, as well as your ADP Levels 1-3 qualifiers. This course covers safety and handling regulations to prevent injury.

Skills taught: 2-paws up, 4-paws up, under, over, balance, navigating moving obstacles, in, through, fly, and back-up

Parkour Dog Level 2 takes your journey further by covering the advanced skills needed to earn Intermediate titles with both IDPA and ADP.

Skills taught: back-up between objects, back-up onto objects with rear feet only & full-body, pivot on discs, spin in both directions and do figure 8’s around 2 object

Parkour Dog Level 3 really challenges you with the skills needed to earn specialty and championship titles with both IDPA and ADP.

Skills taught: tic tacs, gap jump, sequences, send and stop, and more

How much does it cost?

Because this is an open enrollment subscription-based program you will pay the following:

New client 1st month: $175

New client follow-up months: $125/month

Returning client: $125/month

How do I sign up? 

Super easy, just follow the registration button below!