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Our Mission:

To embark is to set out on a new adventure. Here at Embarking the Pet Dog we view every human and their doggy companion as an exciting new adventure. Through positive reinforcement dog training we focus on building positive human to dog and human to human relationships. We believe strongly in the importance of working together in creating, maintaining, and strengthening those positive relationships.

We understand that “life happens” and is often uncontrollable so we do our best to provide you and your dog with a training plan that is convenient with obtainable goals.  Through continuing our education regularly and conversing with colleagues we work hard to provide multiple solutions for your training needs.

Learn more about our amazing team below:

Amber Todd Bellingham dog trainer lucy pitbull

Amber Todd, CPDT-KA

Owner/Trainer, Embarking the Pet Dog

Amber has a strong belief in positive reinforcement training methods and has been applying them in Whatcom County since 2006.   She started her journey by…

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Lucy the pitbull

Lucy aka Lucy Loo & Lucifer

CEO/Head Tester, Embarking the Pet Dog

Lucy has been with Amber since April 2008 when she was just 8 weeks old.  She has been very supportive of Amber’s career choice and has benefited greatly from it.  She currently…

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Prudence the pitbullPrudence aka Prue & Prue-bear

COO/ Anxiety Ambassador, Embarking the Pet Dog

Prudence joined the team in April 2015, after being rescued along with her siblings from a desert area in California.  Amber found her through Rescued Hearts Northwest and within a week…

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Jude aka Judlebug & Boy

CEO in training/Demo Dog, Embarking the Pet Dog

Joining the family shortly after the sudden loss of Lucy, Jude brought laughter back into the home.  I had not planned on getting a puppy anytime soon but after waking up one morning and seeing this cute little video

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