Embarking Puppy Services

Here at Embarking Dogs, we offer a variety of training services for puppies to better meet your individual needs.


Individual Coaching

Our Puppy Starter Consultation is an in-home lesson. We provide guidance to set you and your puppy up for success. We cover basic house training (potty, chew toy, management) and appropriate social interactions ( bite inhibition, communication, play) with the humans and any other animal(s) living in your home. This lesson is a great way to prepare for your puppy before it comes home or to play catch-up after it has arrived.

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Group Training

This unique group class allows you to get hands-on training with our guidance in both the classroom and distracting real-life locations.  Each puppy and human team progresses through our program at their own pace.  As you advance on to each new level, we will make your skills practice more challenging while also introducing new skills.

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Puppy Excursions

We know all too well how much work raising a puppy is, so we developed this program.  Let us take the stress out of meeting your puppy’s socialization and training needs.  One of our trainers will pick up your puppy midday and take them out for a 20-minute training session in a public setting and a 45-minute decompression walk in a natural setting.  This will allow you to enjoy your puppy’s company at the end of the day, knowing their enrichment needs have been met.

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