Canine Body Language

Canine Body Language

The Basics: is a fantastic website and app to help you learn all about doggy body language!

These first 2 videos were created by Modern Canine Training and give a rather good basis of understanding canine body language:

Understanding Dog Body Language- Part 1

Understanding Dog Body Language- Part 2

This next video is brought to us by the Zoom Room:

Guide to Dog Body Language

I really enjoyed this next video created by Creedons Dog Care:

11 Subtle Signs Your Dog is Stressed


The first video talks about play gestures and is brought to us by the Zoom Room:

Guide to Dog Play Gestures

I really enjoy this one from Donna Hill:

Dog Play Techniques

The following two videos are my absolute favorite and were created by Dog Knowledge:

Dog-Dog Play Part 1- MARS

Dog-Dog Play Part 2- Consent Test

Types of Aggression

*If you feel your dog is displaying any of these behaviors please contact a certified trainer or behaviorist.

This is a great demonstration of dog to dog resource guarding:

Dog to Dog Resource Guarding


*More coming soon!*