I believe that all trainers should be open to sharing knowledge with others that express interest in the field of training.  I have mentored for Animal Behavior College for many years, currently, I have taken on direct apprentices.  Creating an apprenticeship program is an exciting new adventure, and I am looking forward to guiding the education of novice trainers.  You can learn more about my current apprentices below:

McKenna Rosser

McKenna has been working with dogs professionally in both, a medical and social environment, for over 7 years. Currently, she’s working as the general manager of Hyline Hotel for Dogs, a local daycare, and boarding facility. She found her calling while working and developing their daycare program which welcomes dogs with all different temperaments and social history. She found she experienced so much joy while working with dogs who had behavioral struggles – reactivity, fear, aggression, anxiety, etc. – because seeing a break-through in their behavior felt even more rewarding! This is when she decided she wanted to dedicate her life to working with these dogs and their owners to help their relationships grow and make their lives together even more fun & exciting. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her own dogs: Floyd the sweet and gentle pitbull and Nelson the sassy, independent chug! They spend their days together: learning new & fun tricks, exploring local beaches & hiking trails or relaxing at home reading training related books or watching a good movie. McKenna is looking forward to becoming a certified dog trainer and animal behaviorist where she can use her experience and knowledge to help owners with dogs who need a little extra help reaching their full potential!