Lucy aka Lucy Loo, & Lucifer

CEO, Embarking the Pet Dog

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Lucy has been with Amber since April 2008 when she was just 8 weeks old.  She has been very supportive of Amber’s career choice and has benefited greatly from it.  She currently stands as acting CEO of Embarking the Pet Dog and the title is well earned.  She has been the top test dog of a multitude of things over the years including, but not limited to, treats, food, toys and new skills.  Lucy will never grow tired of testing out new food and toys!  As a matter of fact she often feels Amber is holding back on the food testing, as she has never tasted the likes of spaghetti, burritos and grilled cheese.

Her training started in a Puppy Kindergarten class at PetSmart at just 10 weeks old.  She continued into her Intermediate class and soon after Amber began working for PetSmart as a trainer she completed her Advanced level class.  Later she moved onto completing more classes at Tails-A-Wagging such as Ruff Around the Edges, Fun and Focus, and Sniffs Away all of which she enjoyed.  Around 3 years of age she developed a fear reactive response to unknown dogs while on leash.  Learning to overcome this fear brought her and Amber even closer together and encouraged Amber to help other dogs who display the same leash reactive behavior.  Now, at age 8, Lucy has come a long way and is able to walk through Boulevard park on a sunny summer day with out issue.  With the help of her new little sister Prudence she has even made some new doggy friends!

Interested in learning more about Lucy and following her story?  Find her and her sister Prudence on Instagram to watch their many adventures: @thebeatlebulls and #lucythepitbull

Lucy passed away on January 23rd, 2017,

see her memorial video below: