Joining the family shortly after the sudden loss of Lucy, Jude brought laughter back into the home.  I had not planned on getting a puppy anytime soon but after waking up one morning and seeing this cute little video on Instagram of two puppies playing my curiosity got the best of me.  The caption read “available in the PNW only.”  Instantly I thought I was crazy to consider bringing home a puppy so soon, but I sent in my application.  After all, we were still 8 hours away what are the odds we would even be considered.  Two weeks later, only three weeks after losing Lucy, we brought Jude home.  With the amount of heartbreak in the household Jude was precisely what we needed.

Jude arrived just before the creation of our Puppy Levels Program, and with that, he became the star of the show.  Many of you are familiar with seeing Jude in our training videos.  Jude loves learning new skills and is always eager to work in another session.  Patience is something we are still working on to this day.

I have learned a lot from raising puppies for the last four years.  Both Jude and Prudence have entirely different personalities, early life experiences, and genetics that have shaped them.  They have each taught me so much and inspired the training protocols I apply with my clients today.

puppy trainingBeing highly social makes Jude a great candidate for demo work.  For the past two years, Jude and I have been teaching children all about using body language to communicate with dogs at the Whatcom Human Society’s Critter Camp.  And he loves every minute of it.  Not only does he get loads of attention but he also gets to demonstrate some of his latest tricks.

We are currently working towards Jude’s Team 1 Title for Fenzi Team Title and his Novice Title for International Dog Parkour Association.  We have also begun Nosework training for fun.

puppy trainingJude’s Favorite Things:

  • Off-leash romps with friends
  • Playing Tug
  • Food, all of it
  • Chewing
  • His Snoop food toy
  • Meeting new people
  • puppyPeeing on things
  • Sniffing all the smells
  • Holding your hand in his mouth
  • Biting Prue’s leg until she gives into play
  • The Mailman/UPS guy
  • Shredding boxes
  • Grandpa


Want to learn more about Jude? Find him on Instagram @thebeatlebulls #JudethePitull