Walk This Way

Tired of your dog pulling your arm out of its socket when walking? Or maybe your dog turns into a sack of potatoes refusing to move forward?  If you’re feeling frustrated after a walk with your dog we can help!

Loose leash walking is a vital skill for any human and dog team, and often one of the hardest to master.  A leash is a tool used for both safety and communication.  In this class, we focus on teaching two different species on how to work together to create a serene walking experience.  Want to learn how to build focus from your dog amongst major environmental distraction?  We feel it is important to provide guidance in real life situations so two of our five class sessions will take place at local parks.

This class is ideal for dogs that are friendly towards people and other dogs, dogs that bark or lunge at people, dogs, or wheeled objects are not suitable for this class.  History of basic skills such as sit and wait or stay can be helpful but are not required.

Cost: $150

Weeks 1, 2 & 4 will take place at our facility

Week 3 & 5 will take place at Squalicum Creek Park