Management Strategies

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Puppy Safe Zones

There are many different ways to contain a puppy, and doing so is both for their own safety as well as for the safety of your home.  Our puppies are constantly learning, even if we aren’t actively training them, management prevents our puppies from practicing unwanted behaviors.  We are all familiar with the saying “practice makes perfect” and it’s just as true a statement in regards to our puppies.  Personally, I utilize exercise pens and baby gates the most with puppies at my house.  I find that providing them with a 4-foot by 4-foot area that includes their crate and toys is far less stressful than suddenly sticking them in a crate for hours on end.  Dogs are not denning animals and are not naturally wired to enjoy being in a crate.  The only time that dogs den are when females are weening their pups, that is typically only 8 weeks out of a year and even then the den is not locked closed.  So, with that knowledge, if we want to utilize a crate with our puppies we need to be thoughtful with how we introduce it to them.

Below we will break down the Pros and cons of each management system that you can implement in your home.