Individual Coaching

Currently, we are not taking on any new private training clients. 

If you are a new puppy guardian, we are still offering our Puppy Starter Lessons.

If you are an active or recent client of ours needing to schedule a follow-up coaching session please email us at and we will connect you with your trainer.

Individualized Coaching Sessions

These are designed for clients that are not able to attend our group classes or for assistance in addition to our group classes.  These lessons are specified to help with the following: basic obedience and problem-solving behaviors such as; potty training, chewing, barking, digging, jumping up, crate training, and leash skills or for behavior challenges such as resource guarding, fearful aggression, dog-dog reactivity, and more.  

We require that you start with an initial 1.5-hour consultation/ $150

Follow-up 1-hour lesson/$100

Follow-up 30-minute/$50