Private Lessons

Are private lessons a better option for you?

Puppy Starter Lesson

Puppy Starter Lesson’s are a private one on one lesson in your home either before or just after you get your puppy.  These can be beneficial when preparing your home and family for your new puppy’s arrival.  This lesson goes over how to set up your puppies long-term confinement area and how to begin crate training for success.  We also help you establish a potty training plan that is easy to follow and keeps everyone consistent.  Like your couch just the way it is?  Well no worries, we also set you up for errorless chew toy training!  Do you already have your puppy and wishing you were better prepared before they came home?  Don’t worry, it’s never too late to start!  We can get you and your new pup easily back on track.

Cost $50/1.5 hour, $75/hour follow-ups

These lessons are by request only, please complete the form below to request a Puppy Starter Lesson

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Private Lesson

These are designed for clients that are not able to attend our group classes or for assistance in addition to our group classes.  These lessons are specified to help with the following: basic obedience and problem-solving behaviors such as; potty training, chewing, barking, digging, jumping up, crate training and leash skills or for behavior challenges such as resource guarding, fearful aggression, dog-dog reactivity, and more.  To sign up for a Private Lesson please fill out the form listed below:

Cost $75/hour

Please note that initial lessons take place at our facility only.  If upon reviewing your registration form we deem it necessary to hold the first lesson in another location we will contact you.