Reactive Dog Program

Do you have a dog that gets barky or lungy towards other dogs when out for a walk?  Let us help you turn your reactive dog into a refocused one!  Not only will we be your guide throughout your training journey, but we will also get hands-on with your dog to learn more about what will work best for you as a team.  Our program starts with an in-person consultation so your trainer can get to know your dog, discuss obtainable goals, and go over your training plan.  From there, your customized program will be a blend of In-person Coaching Sessions and Walk & Train Sessions where your trainer will take your dog out to work with them one on one.  It is important to remember that while reactivity is a common issue, each dog is an individual that requires personalized goals and adequate time to reach those goals.

reactive dogWho is it for?

Any reactive dog that gets barky, lungy, or growly at other dogs while walking on a leash.  Dogs with an extreme bite history may be considered for the program but will require further safety measures.  This program’s goal is NOT to get your dog to the point of interacting with other dogs while on a leash; while this may be obtainable with some dogs, the program’s overall goal is to create a relaxed and focused dog that can tolerate other dogs nearby.

What is included?

  • Online access to all of our supplemental learning materials- written homework plans, how-to videos, and more!
  • Initial Consultation where we cover training & management tools, create goals together, and map out your training plan.
  • Single Walk & Train Sessions where your trainer takes your dog out to gather information to assist with their training plan.
  • In-person Coaching Sessions to keep you up to date on your dog’s training status and adjust the plan as necessary.

reactive dog trainingHow does the pricing work?

Everyone must start with an Initial Consultation, which can run up to 90 minutes and costs $150.  From there, you can add on Walk & Train sessions and In-person Coaching sessions as you go.  

Initial Consultation  $150

60-minute Coaching Session $100

30-minute Coaching Session $50

1 Walk & Train Session $75

How do I sign up?

As we stated above everyone starts with an Initial Consultation, once your trainer is able to assess your dog and deems them appropriate for the program you can then build your program.