Reactive Dog Club

reactive dog clubSubscription-based virtual learning

Why subscripton-based? Working with reactive dogs takes time, and we wanted to provide continued support through an affordable service; thus, Reactive Dog Club was created.  Our monthly subscription helps keep you on track whether you work at your own pace or participate in the guided course.

Why virtual?  With only so many hours in the day throughout winter in the PNW, we found ourselves limited on what services we could easily provide our clients.  Because reactive dogs often need more space and outdoor training, we cannot meet the needs of our current clients and the many requests we receive.  Going virtual allows us to help not only the reactive dogs in our area but all of those beyond Bellingham as well.  This way, you can work through the material with step-by-step guidance and then get outside to practice at a time that is most convenient for you.  It is a win-win for everyone.

reactive dog clubWho is the program for?

The Reactive Dog Club is for anyone wanting to learn more about dog reactivity in general, trainers interested in working with reactivity, and of course, anyone who shares their life with a big feeling, lunge-and-bark-first ask-questions-later kind of dog.  The reactive behavior can be geared toward dogs, people, or other objects.  Because this is a virtual course, we can help you customize the training plan to fit your dog’s individual needs.


reactive dog clubWhat is included?

  • Access to our members-only online course material, active membership is required to maintain access
  • Access to our members-only Facebook group, where you can post questions and videos for feedback and connect with others also living with big-feeling dogs
  • Unlimited monthly feedback for questions and videos
  • Twice monthly zoom meetings to discuss that week’s assignments and answer any questions; sessions will be recorded and available for replay
  • Ability to add on one on one zoom or in-person coaching sessions for a discounted rate

How does it work?

Our online course material is designed as an 8-week course that one of our trainers will guide you through.  After the initial 8 weeks in 2023, clients will have direct access to all of the materials and be able to work through them at their own pace or follow along when our trainer begins the next rotation.  Additionally, we will be releasing more content each week under our Discovering Your Dogs NEEDS section.

What happens when I finish the 8-week course? As long as your subscription is active, you will have continued access to the course material, additional course material released weekly as extracurricular activities, twice monthly zoom sessions, and unlimited support via our Facebook group.

What does the 8-week course material cover?

  • All of the whys and hows of reactivity
  • Find the gear that works best for you and your dog
  • Training fundamentals, a brief overview of the training mechanics we will be using in this course
  • Reinforcement skills
  • Management strategies
  • Discovering your dog’s NEEDS; a deep dive into your dog’s individual nutrition, enrichment, exercise, decompression, and security
  • Planning ahead; how to track your training and prepare for each training session
  • Behavior therapy; how to make the big feelings be less big


reactive dog clubWhen can I start?

Our program launches on January 1st, 2023.  We will open registration as soon as December 18th, 2022, and it will remain open after that.

What will it cost?

The monthly rate for the Reactive Dog Club will be $45, which can be paid monthly or weekly. However, we will be running a launch promotion from December 18th-January 1st, where you can join for as low as $30/month!