Puppy Walk and Train Adventures

We have decided to combine our Puppy Play & Learn Day Camp with our Walk & Train Adventure Program!

What is it?

Let us be your guide on your puppy-raising journey!  This 10-week program is designed to create the ideal Bellingham puppy!  We will lay the foundation for successful off-leash hiking, walking through busy Boulevard Park, and chilling at the brewery.  Puppies must be between 11 weeks and 6 months of age (older puppies may be allowed upon approval) in order to start be current on their Distemper/Parvo/Adenovirus vaccinations.  Everyone is required to start with an in-home Puppy Starter Lesson so that we can meet you and your puppy, make sure you are off to a great start with your house training, and introduce our way of training.  We will also go over our pick-up and drop-off protocol with you during this lesson.

When does it take place?

Our program runs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 8-12 am.  We will pick up your puppy from home or a pre-determined location between 8-9 am, take them out on their training adventure, and have them home by noon.   This program runs for 10 weeks.

What are the costs?

The required Puppy Starter Lesson is 1-hour at $100.  The full 10 weeks of Walk & Train Adventures is $550 but can be paid weekly at the rate of $55.  There is also an additional coaching session available to you at any time at the following rates; 1-hour for $100 and 30-minutes for $50.

What’s included?

bellingham puppy training

15-25 Minute Training Session in Public

We will take your puppy into a public setting and work on:

  • Traffic leash walking skills
  • Attention on handler
  • General socialization
  • Greeting people and dogs on cue without jumping
  • Skills such as name response, sit, down, and wait
  • Mat work (down stay on a mat)



bellingham puppy training45-60 Minute Decompression Walk

Next, we will head out to a SniffSpot or local off-leash park for a nature walk where we will work on:

  • Environmental acclimation- sniffing all the things!
  • Recall for off-leash training
  • Age-appropriate exercise
  • Trail manners such as sit wait while people, dogs, and bicyclists pass, directional cues, and wait to leash up at trailheads



Changing environments is an important aspect of socialization and training.  We have selected locations all over town for both the public training portion and decompression walks to build your pup’s fluency with their new skills.  Some locations that your puppy will visit are:

  • Home Depot
  • Village Books
  • Village Green
  • Boulevard Park
  • Sierra Trading Co.
  • Home Goods
  • Lake Padden
  • Fairhaven Park
  • Squalicum Beach
  • PetStop & Sehome Village
  • Whatcom Community College
  • Bellingham Technical College
  • Western Washington University
  • and much more!

Body Awareness & Handling

A confident dog is one that is aware of its body and its spatial relation as it navigates the world around it.  In new environments, we will encourage your puppy to explore new textures and surfaces to strengthen their body awareness.  The more we introduce your puppy to novel stimuli the more they will be able to normalize the odd and unexpected when visiting new places.  We will also do a snout-to-tail body check routinely during our adventure so they are comfortable being handled anywhere.

You can train along at home!

Get exclusive access to our Walk & Train Puppy Adventures online lesson plan complete with videos!  Continuing your puppy’s training at home will only help solidify their new behaviors and skills.

Get Started!

Register for the mandatory Puppy Starter Lesson below to get started, our next group starts on Thursday 7/29!