Puppy Quests

What are Puppy Quests?

puppy classes bellingham wa puppy questsThis uniquely styled group class is designed with our puppy clients in mind.  These single-topic classes are offered several times a week to accommodate any schedule.  Attend all 7 Quest topics or choose the sessions that fit your needs.  Once you conquer our first 6 Quests you will gain access to join our 7th Field Trip Quest. Every Quest comes with access to our online learning materials, bonus: you can access this material as soon as you register!  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we do require pre-registration for all of our quests so that we may limit the number of people in our facility.

The 7 Quests

puppy classes bellingham wa

  1. Come when Called- build a reliable recall through play!  We use different games to keep your recall fresh and exciting and fun for both you and your puppy.
  2. Traffic Walking 1- want a puppy that moves through high traffic areas on a slack leash?  This is the class for you!  This Quest is an intro to leash skills and helps you get a focused puppy anywhere.
  3. Traffic Walking 2- take your leash skills up a notch with polite greetings on cue and learning when to ignore other people and dogs.
  4. Wait & Stay- this Puppy Quest helps you create a focused puppy actively waiting for their next cue as well as a puppy that can settle easily in public.
  5. Drop it & Food Distractions- this Quest teaches your puppy to drop items on cue and how to ignore food in easy to reach places.
  6. Cooperative Care- want a puppy that loves going to the vet and remains still during nail trims?  This class will do just that!
  7. Field Trip- the final Puppy Quest is a review of the first 6 quests in an outdoor location so that we may provide live-action coaching in the real world.

puppy classes bellingham wa questsEach session includes coaching on name response, sit, down, stand, and body handling.

Feel like you need to work more on any one topic?  Don’t worry, you are able to register for the same topic multiple times.  We know that learning is a process for you and your puppy to go through together and we encourage that you go at your own pace.  With that in mind, it is ideal that you continue attending until you feel 100% confident in both yours and your puppy’s skills.

Who can attend the Puppy Quests classes?

Any puppy under 1 year of age that is up to date on their vaccines (Distemper/Parvo boosters, Rabies, and Bordetella)

What are your Covid-19 protocols?

puppy classes bellingham wa

  • We limit the number of puppies attending classes so that we can adhere to social distancing protocols
  • We usher 1 puppy and human team into and out of the building at a time
  • We require that you and anyone else in your family that will be attending class wear a mask, you must provide your own masks
  • We have a sanitation station at our main entrance
  • Each puppy and human team will have its own 6×6 foot area to work in