Play & Learn Day Camp

Need help socializing your puppy?  Send them to our Play & Learn Day Camp!  This program is for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months of age (older puppies may be allowed upon approval) who are current on their Distemper/Parvo/Adenovirus vaccinations.

When (current COVID-19 Schedule)

Our program runs Monday-Thursday, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm for puppies 5-9 months of age and 8 am to 10 am for puppies 2-5 months of age.  Each 2-hour session is $20.  *Please note that hours and pricing may change once the Washington State Shelter-in-place order is lifted.

Drop off’s will begin at 7:45 for the first session & 10:15 pm for the second session, due to COVID-19 we have to follow a strict procedure:

  • Get your puppy out of your car and head over to the grass for a quick potty break
  • If no one else is at the building entrance, head over with your puppy, the front door will be open with a gate around the entryway.
  • Enter through the gate with your puppy, remove their leash/harness and step back out through the gate
  • I will bring your puppy into the training room

Pickups will start at 9:45 am and run until 10:00 pm for the first session and 12:15 pm to 12:30 pm for the second session, we will follow the above procedure in reverse:

  • Wait until no one else is at the building entrance
  • You will enter the building and wait at the gate
  • I will send your puppy into the lobby
  • You will step through the gate and leash/harness up your puppy and you may leave together

The Camp Experience

While your puppy is at camp we want to make sure that we cover all bases to help your puppy live up to their fullest potential.  Your puppy will receive multiple one-on-one and group training sessions throughout their stay.  We keep our playgroups small, 3 puppies to 1 trainer so that we are able to keep them structured and prevent your puppy from practicing inappropriate social behaviors.

  • Social skills: puppy to puppy and puppy to human, this includes puppy biting and structured interaction and play
  • Life skills: potty training, separation training, leash skills, handling & husbandry, and problem-solving
  • Technical skills: name recognition, sit, down, wait, touch/recall, marker cues (yep, find it, take it)
  • Proprioception & Environmental skills: body awareness exercises, introduction to novel stimuli and surface textures, environmental exploration