Group Training Quests

All Ages Group Training Quests

Open Enrollment, start anytime!

We designed this program to eliminate the hassle of start dates and make-up sessions for missed classes.  You can enroll at any time, and if you need to go on vacation, you can pick up right where you left off when you return.  Our flexible scheduling allows you to pick and choose what sessions to attend, or you can attend them all.  Quests 1 and 2 introduce our foundation skills, and quests 3 and 4 take field trips to public locations.  We find this allows the human-puppy team to grasp a complete understanding of each skill before increasing the criteria.

Who is it for?lucy embarking the pet dog

Puppies and dogs of all ages can join our Group Quest Training as long as they are dog and people friendly (those that bark and lunge may be better suited for our Reactive to Refocused class). Puppies between the ages of 11-weeks and 1-year are separated into our Puppy Quest 1 and dogs 1-year + are required to attend an evaluation session before joining our Quest 1!  We do require that puppies and dogs are up to date, per their age, on the following vaccines: Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella, and Rabies (if over six months)

When can we start?

Everyone must start at quest 1; those with previous training experience are likely to move up quickly.  Once you register, you immediately gain access to our online orientation video and your quest 1 online learning materials- this means you can get started before even stepping foot in the classroom. Check out the schedule below for our next available quest 1 session!

If your dog is over 1 year of age we do require that they attend an evaluation session first, before entering the program.  Schedule an Evaluation 


What is included?

  • Online access to all of our how-to videos so everyone can follow along at home
  • In-class feedback and guidance while working on skills and social interactions
  • Positive social interactions for your puppy with other puppies and people- we build confidence by focusing on individual needs when it comes to social interactions. There are no off-leash play/interactions in this program.
  • Preventative and modification training plans for expected behavior struggles such as jumping up, barking, and chewing.
  • Higher levels gain access to field trip sessions at local parks and Home Depot for some real-life handling experience with guidance.

When are the classes?

Each quest is offered 1-2 times per week to allow for flexible attendance. However, as both our schedule and location vary by quest type, we suggest looking at the schedule below for exact class times.

What is covered in each level?

Quest 1- When your puppy/dog moves on from Quest 1, they will be able to respond to their name, sit and lie down on cue, focus around friends, enjoy body handling specific to veterinary care, interact with environmental stimuli confidently, solve problems independently, walk on a loose leash and more!

Quest 2-  When your puppy/dog moves on from Quest 2, they will be able to come when called with minor distractions, walk nicely on leash, stop and wait on cue, hang out in a down stay and work around food distractions.

Quest 3-  When your puppy/dog graduates from Quest 3, they will be able to come when called away from distractions, focus in a busy park, stay in a relaxed down, and only greet other dogs and people when released to do so.

Quest 4- When your puppy/dog graduates from Quest 4 they will be able to navigate busy public spaces on a leash, ignore food on the ground, and walk through a park with a group of people and dogs.

How does the pricing work?

There is a program entry fee of $150 which includes access to our how-to training videos, your first 2 Quest sessions, and a bonus 30-minute individual coaching session that can be used within 3-months of your first session. From there you pay $30 per session.  On average, puppies/dogs spend 2-3 sessions in Quest 1 and 3-5 in Quest 2 and 3. However, if you enjoy the class and want to continue attending sessions after completing your Quest 2 skills, you can keep attending our Quest 3 and 4 in public sessions as long as you’d like!

How do I sign up?

Begin by purchasing our Group Quest Training Entry Package below.  After you complete the purchase you will be redirected to our scheduling page.  Quest 1 sessions are currently offered on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.