Embarking Dogs

Here at Embarking Dogs, we offer a variety of training services for adult dogs to better meet your individual needs.



Individual Coaching

Get started with our Initial Consultation and from there you and your Behavior Coach can create your customized training plan!

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Group Training Quests

This unique group class allows you to get hands-on training with our guidance in both the classroom and distracting real-life locations.  Each dog and human team progresses through our 4 level program at their own pace.  As you advance on to each new quest we will make your skills practice more challenging while also introducing new skills.

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Reactive to Refocused

Do you have a dog that gets barky or lungy towards other dogs when out for a walk?  Let us help you turn your reactive dog into a refocused one!  Receive individualized coaching while learning within a group of other dog and handler teams facing the same daily struggles. Throughout this group course, you will learn management strategies to help you navigate challenging environments.

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Parkour Dog!

Parkour, sometimes referred to as urban agility, is an individual sport that focuses on one’s journey to mental and physical strength has been redesigned for the human and dog team.  Dog Parkour concentrates on developing teamwork between a dog and its human as they learn to challenge themselves through navigating the environment in new exciting ways.

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Brainy Day Games

If your dog’s daily exercise routine is often thwarted by rainy weather or hot summer days the Brainy Day class will provide many solutions to tire your dog out.  Work long days?  Don’t worry, these activities are designed to be played in a quick 15 minutes or can be combined for up to an hour and work your dog both mentally and physically.

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