Our downloads are a great way to add to your training education, check out the free books and handouts below:

For your convenience, all of our downloadable materials are in PDF format.  If you have any issues with this format please contact us and let us know, we may be able to email you the item in another format.  We encourage you to share the educational materials you find on this page with your friends and family!  


All About Kongs– How to stuff your dogs Kong with their food!


These two books contain everything you need to know to prepare for the arrival of your new puppy!  Already have your puppy?  No worries they still provide plenty of useful information!

Before you get your puppy Author: Dr. Ian Dunbar

After you get your puppy Author: Dr. Ian Dunbar

behavior blueprints:

These handy little print outs provide great training tips geared toward one specific training challenge.  They cover common behavioral problems that can typically be solved with an easy to follow training plan.  Perhaps someone you know has mentioned having issues with one of the topics listed below?

Cat Manners

Come Sit Down Stay

Destructive Chewing

Digging Problems

Dogs & Children

Excessive Barking

Fear of People

Fighting with Dogs

Home Alone

House Training


New Adult Dog

New Puppy

Puppy Biting

Puppy Training

Walking on Leash