Building Basics

This group class is designed for dogs of all ages.   In this class, we put a strong focus on basic cues such as sit, down, and come.  We create a reliable response to these cues by teaching your dog the way he/she learns best, using a lure-mark-reward method.  We then challenge you and your dog by changing the environment and distraction level.  Upon completion of this class, you and your dog will have a stronger relationship and a reliable set of skills to set you up for success!  *Please note this class is intended for dogs who are non-reactive (bark, lunge, growl, excessively whine, etc.) towards other dogs if you are unsure of your dog’s reaction you may contact us for an evaluation.

This class is designed as a drop-in style class.  Each week we cover different skills so that you may pick and choose what sessions to attend.  We do require that you pre-register for each session prior to attending.  Class sessions are always on Saturday at 2 pm.

Skills Covered:

1st Saturday of the month– Name Response, Sit, Down, Engagement on Leash

2nd Saturday of the month– Wait, Recall, Walking vs Sniffing on Leash

3rd Saturday of the month– Food Distractions, Settle on Mat, On Leash Greetings

4th Saturday of the month– Outdoor session at a local park! (must have attended at least 1 of the previous sessions prior to an outdoor session)

Cost: $25 per session