Building Basics

This 4-week group class is designed for dogs of all ages.   In this class, we put a strong focus on basic cues such as sit, down, and come.  We create a reliable response to these cues by teaching your dog the way he/she learns best, using a lure-mark-reward method.  We then challenge you and your dog by changing the environment and distraction level.  Upon completion of this class, you and your dog will have a stronger relationship and a reliable set of skills to set you up for success!  *Please note this class is intended for dogs who are non-reactive (bark, lunge, growl, excessively whine, etc.) towards other dogs if you are unsure of your dog’s reaction you may contact us for an evaluation.

Skills covered: sit, down, come when called, wait, stay, go to mat, and more!

Cost: $100



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