Brainy Games

If your dog’s daily exercise routine is often thwarted by rainy weather or hot summer days the Brainy Day class will provide many solutions to tire your dog out.  Work long days?  Don’t worry, these activities are designed to be played in a quick 15 minutes or can be combined for up to an hour and work your dog both mentally and physically.  While no specific skills are required having a good sit, down, and wait/stay cue can help.

Who is it for?

This class is open to dogs of all ages that can handle being in a small space (900 sqft) with other dogs and people.  This class is NOT suitable for dogs that are barky or lungy towards other dogs or people.

Things we will cover in class:

  • Target training
  • Trick training (middle, leg weaves, spin, and more!)
  • Food search games
  • Reading (Yes, you can teach your dog to read!)


$150/5 weeks