Adopt Luna


Hi, I’m Luna!

I am a 4-month old American Pitbull Terrier with goofy ears.  I am already a whopping 30 pounds!  So it is likely I am going to be a decent size dog (50-80 lb range).  I am still young and learning lots of things about myself and the world around me.  Please read more about my likes, dislikes, and things I am still working on below.  If you think you may be a good match for me I would love for you to submit an adoption application!


  • Food, all of it
  • Food toys, though some can be challenging
  • People!
  • Playing with puppy tolerant dogs, though still shy upon initial meeting I would love a home with a puppy tolerant dog!
  • Toys!  I like tug toys and fetch toys though I am still learning about both games
  • Digging! I would love a sandbox of my very own someday
  • Laying in the yard on sunny days
  • Berries! Raspberry’s are my favorite so far
  • My puppy pen- cause that’s where the food happens!
  • Car rides, I do best in a harness and seatbelt
  • Drive up coffee places that hand out puppy treats
  • Puppy class! So much fun happens there


  • Strange dogs barking at me (especially from behind a fence)
  • No puppy zones, though I am very respective of gates
  • Being left out of snuggle time
  • Watching other dogs with chewies or food of any kind when mine has run out
  • Being left in the car

Working on:

  • People manners in public, foster mom says people do not like my flying squirrel approach
  • Potty training, I am really good about taking myself out the dog door but sometimes when I am doing a lot of playing I forget
  • Gaining confidence with meeting new dogs
  • Getting in and out of the car calmly
  • Walking on a leash with a human, I prefer a long leash exploration walk the best
  • Chewing puppy approved items, when I start chewing non-approved items is a sign that I need a nap with a pacifier (stuffed food toy)

Some things I am really good at:

  • Going to my pen for nap time as long as I have a food-stuffed toy
  • Sleeping in my pen overnight
  • Napping while the household is busy
  • Napping next to my foster mom when she is working on the computer (as long as enrichment needs have been met)
  • Foster mom says I am super smart and learn fast
  • My separation and isolation is going really well

Luna’s adoption will require further training and a training contract be signed and upheld.  If you are local to the Whatcom County, WA area that training will be with us.  If you are outside of the Whatcom County, WA area we will help you locate a trainer in your area.  We will also require a spay contract to be signed and upheld.  Luna will come with a collar, harness, leash, a few of her favorite food toys, food, and some other toys.  You will also receive access to her training videos as well as a listing of all her known words.  Luna is available for adoption in the Pacific Northwest only.  You can learn more about Luna by following our social media accounts:

FaceBook: @EmbarkingDogs

Instagram: @embarkingdogs and @thebeatlebulls

Adoption fee $250




YesNoDeposit not required





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