McKenna Rosser, CPDT-KA, UW-AAB

Behavior Consultant, Trainer


If you ask her, McKenna would tell you she was born with the desire to work with dogs! Her professional career working with animals began in 2012 working as a certified veterinary assistant. After 4 years in veterinary medicine and working with her own reactive dog, she decided that she wanted to learn more about animal behavior & dog-to-dog social interactions.

In 2016, she began working at a boarding & daycare facility that took dogs with a wide range of social histories. She dedicated most of her time to managing playgroups and working with dogs who needed help building confidence during dog-to-dog social interactions. As she began to understand the uniqueness of each dog’s personality, temperament, and social quirks – her passion for behavior became reverent – it was then that she decided this would become her career.

In April 2018, McKenna began her apprenticeship with Embarking Dogs. Connecting with Embarking Dogs gave her the opportunity to dive headfirst into the dog training community! In June 2019, she completed the University of Washington’s Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior program, earning her UW-AAB title. After completing hundreds of hours of hands-on experience, she received her CPDT-KA title from the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers in September 2019.

In her spare time, she enjoys adventuring with her partner & her dogs, Floyd & Nelson. Education has been the most important aspect of McKenna’s journey to becoming a dog trainer. She continues to learn from her own hands-on experiences, self-study, and from fellow dog trainers who practice the same science-based values that she does.

Recent & Current Education

Northwest Career & Technical Academy:

  • Certificate in Veterinary Medicine

University of Washington:

  • Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior

Conferences, Camps & Seminars:

  • Synergy Sports Camp 2018
  • Synergy Sports Camp 2019

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Courses:

  • Hidden Potential: Tapping Your Reluctant Dog’s Talents – Sarah Stremming
  • Feelings Change: Desensitization & Counter-Conditioning – Nancy Tucker
  • Imitation & Mimicry: You Can Do It – Julie Flanery

Fenzi Pet Professionals Program Workshops:

  • Settle & Stay for the Café – Sara Brueske
  • Happy Crating: Crating as a Life Skill – Sarah Stremming
  • It Was Nice to Meet You: Calm Greetings for Dogs & People – Casey Coughlin
  • Class Formats: Let Me Count the Ways – Julie Flanery
  • The Developmental Stages of Puppies – Eve Laforest
  • Building a Successful Dog Business – Jamie & Michael Badiel
  • Social Skills 101 – Casey Coughlin

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Webinars:

  • Stressed Out – Jessica Hekman
  • Fence Fight – Mancy Tucker
  • Walking with Reactive Dogs – Amy Cook
  • Loose Leash Walking – Denise Fenzi
  • Arousal & the Goldilocks Principle – Deb Jones
  • Working Through Real- Life Recall Challenges – Chrissi Schranz
  • Geek Out: Training Plans & Other Power-Ups – Amy Cook
  • Re-defining Leadership – Denise Fenzi


  • Dog Emotion & Cognition – Duke University

Pet Tech CPR & First Aid:

  • Pet CPR & First Aid Certification

Fear Free:

  • Fear Free Professional Certification: Level 1
  • Fear Free Professional Certification: Level 2
  • Fear Free Professional Certification: Level 3
  • Fear Free Nail Troms: Trimming Away the Terror Course