Walk This Way Week 1

Management Skill 1

Walking up the leash– Sometimes our dogs get glued to something interesting like another dog, a strong smell, or even a dead animal.  Generally, this results in the human standing still and repetitively calling their dog while their dog is outstretched to the end of the leash frozen in place zeroed in on their distraction.  This hand over hand method allows us to get in close to our dog so that we may lure them away easily.  While our goal is to teach our dogs to ignore as many distractions as possible this management skill allows us to take the wheel and steer our dog’s attention until they are able to ignore the distractions.

Long Line Handling- When working a long line for a decompression walk it is best to gather the slack in one hand and use the other to guide the leash.  When gathering the slack it is best to do so in a figure 8 with a loop above and another below your hand.  This figure 8 allows you to manage the slack easily without tangling or wrapping your wrist too tightly- if the dog were to lunge for any reason this could cause injury.  You can use your guiding hand to keep the leash from dragging on the ground, run the slack in and out, and as a braking system.  When braking your dog it is best to tap the brakes by gripping and release the line several times before your dog hits the end of the line.