Walk This Way Orientation

Proper Gear

Please note that most of these items are simply suggestions and not requirements, items that are required will be listed with an asterisk (*) next to them.  Some of the items listed are clickable links to the actual products, most are on Amazon.

Gear for you:

  • Treat pouch or Training Vest
  • comfortable clothes that are easy to move in
  • Treats- Ask your dog what kind they prefer!
  • Poop bags- always be respectful and responsible by cleaning up after your dog
  • Water bottle/bowl for yourself and your dog (see treat pouch above as it’s a kit!)
  • Backpack for carrying all the things around (not necessary for all walks)

Gear for your dog:

  • *Back clip body harness-¬† We like these harnesses by Ruffwear, Embark Pets, and Hurtta
  • *Leash, 4-6 ft
  • Longline, for decompression walks, ideally 20 feet in length
  • Collar for tags is fine, but cannot be connected by a leash to the collar