Parkour Dog 1 Week 3

Introducing new obstacles 

It’s no doubt that my dogs prefer practicing some parkour skills over others which can make new obstacles a bit of a challenge especially when we are working towards a title.  When I am introducing a new obstacle I often follow the same recipe:

  1. Food lure the first 2-3 repetitions, reinforce immediately upon completion- after going over or under, getting up onto or putting 2-paws up, etc.- then reinforce for getting off the object.
  2. Remove the food lure but lure with empty hand/hand signal, reinforce immediately upon completion- after going over or under, getting up onto or putting 2-paws up, etc.- then reinforce for getting off the object.
  3. Lure with empty hand/hand signal, reinforce for a wait if required and then reinforce for getting off the object.
  4. Give verbal cue and/or lure with empty hand/hand signal, and then only reinforce for completing the entire task (skill, wait, then off).

Here is a video demonstration working Jude with two different obstacles for the first time.  Under is his least favorite skill so we are focusing on building his motivation around it.


Titling Videos

I wanted to show you what the video submissions look like for the first title with each organization so you can have a better idea of what you are aiming for skill-wise.

Internation Dog Parkour Association- Novice Title

For this title you need to complete the following skills:

  1. 4-paws up on 3 different obstacles, 1 obstacle must be at least the dog’s shoulder height or higher, the dog must remain on the obstacle for 5-seconds
  2. 2-paws up on an obstacle at the dog’s shoulder height, the dog must remain on the obstacle for 5-seconds
  3. 2 or 4-paws up on a moving obstacle, dog must remain on the obstacle for 5-seconds
  4. Under, the dog must go under an obstacle less than the dog’s shoulder height
  5. Through, the dog must pass between 2 obstacles that are less than twice the dog’s shoulder-width apart
  6. In, the dog must walk or hop into an obstacle that has four sides measuring less than the dog’s length (nose to base of tail), all four feet must be in the obstacle for a minimum of 5-seconds
  7. Over, the dog must jump over one obstacle that is taller than the dog’s elbow height, feet should not touch the object
  8. Around (fly), the dog starts near handler, goes around an obstacle at least 3 feet away and makes at least a 180-degree turn back towards the handler, the dog must demonstrate around in both directions.
  9. Balance, the dog must walk with all four feet on one obstacle that is as wide as the dog’s shoulder width, at least 3 times longer than the dog and at least elbow height
  10. Wait on an obstacle, the dog must get up onto an obstacle with 4-paws and hold a wait/stay for at least 10-seconds
  11. Back up, the dog must back up for 3 consecutive steps on flat ground
  12. 3 obstacle sequence, the dog must perform any parkour behaviors in succession, at least three in a row. Any safe combination can be used. The video must clearly show that the obstacles are done in a row. No behavior should be repeated twice in a row, a separate obstacle must be used for each behavior. Obstacles used do not have to be listed above and can be from any level. The sequence should have a flow to it and the team should show no hesitations.
  13. Creativity, find an obstacle and demonstrate three different parkour behaviors that can be safely done with this obstacle. The behaviors do not need to be specifically the ones outlined above. These specifically need to be parkour behaviors and not just tricks

You can complete the title videos in any environment, with at least 3 of the skills being performed outside with things found in the environment.  With IDPA you can never use the same obstacle again…even with a different dog.

All Dogs Parkour- Level 1 Title

For this title you are able to be a bit more creative, the requirements are listed below:

  1. All of the skills must take place in 1 location
  2. You must perform a minimum of 6 skills from their list ( ADP exercise list )
  3. You must use 12 different obstacles
  4. You can only repeat any skill twice

To clarify a little bit, you can start with only 6 skills (up, 2-paws, moving obstacle, under, over, balance) and repeat them each twice using a different obstacle for each one.  You do need to perform all 12 obstacles in only 1 location, I used the Blaine High School, you could use BTC or even a street or inside your own house.  With ADP you are never allowed to repeat a location.


Parkour on Facebook

If you are on facebook there are a few groups I recommend you join to learn more and see what others are doing.  These groups are also great for posting any questions you may have regarding titles, safety, etc. I have also created a facebook group for my parkour clients, I will be posting videos and pictures that I take during class to this group and I encourage you all to join and share pictures and videos of your Team’s journey into parkour as well!

International Dog Parkour Association

All Dogs Parkour 

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