Parkour Dog 1 Week 2

Moving Obstacles- This week we worked on generalizing your 2-paws and up cues on moving obstacles.  Your goal this week is to find or create different challenges for your dogs around the home.  Keep in mind what your dog’s comfort level is, all the dogs were comfortable with the pillow-like obstacles but not all were as comfortable with the wobble board.  You can use books to create a small teeter or even try 2-paws on a computer chair- be sure to help stabilize the chair so it doesn’t move too much at first!  Check out the examples below of my dogs working moving obstacles out in the world.

Vertical Surfaces- Another concept we introduced this week was 2-paws on a vertical surface such as a wall, window sill, or shelf.

Over- Your dog jumps over an object.  This week focus on objects that are between your dog’s hock (rear ankle) height and their shoulder height.

In- Dog goes into an item that has 4 sides.  Your goal this week is to focus on items with sides at least as high as your dog’s hock height and your dog can easily get all 4 feet in.

Here are some examples of my dogs getting in different objects: